Calligraphy Wedding Vows, Letters, and Poems

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Calligraphy Wedding Vows, Letters and Poems – if you think of the things we treasure, those surrounded by love are the most meaningful. The vows we speak, the letters we write, or the poems we read. The beautiful art of calligraphy is the perfect way to create keepsakes of these moments.


Calligraphy Wedding Vows

You can have your vows hand written into a special vow book for you to read from during your wedding ceremony. Then after your wedding, you will have the vow books to keep, to read and remember, and to hand down to future generations. Another option is to have your wedding vows written on a large piece of beautiful paper. Frame them to have in your home as a special piece of art. This is also a great gift for a first anniversary. The symbol of the first anniversary is paper so what could be a more perfect gift!


Calligraphy Love Letters

Written words in a letter are one of the most romantic ways of communicating and can be deeply moving. It is also becoming a lost art so immortalise your words in gorgeous calligraphy. You can create an heirloom from a proposal letter, your first thoughts, or a letter for your partner to read on the morning of your wedding. What better way to express your love!


Calligraphy Poems

You may have a favourite poem, a meaningful reading, an expressive quote, or significant song that you would like written in calligraphy. Seeing these words as a calligraphy artwork will transport you back to those special moments. Calligraphy wall art is also a great idea for gifts and can be framed as décor to decorate your home.


Calligraphy Artwork

Calligraphy Wedding Vows, Letters and Poems can be written in a variety of different ink colours. It’s very popular to use gold or a walnut ink. You can also choose a lettering style to express your words. It is also best to choose an archival paper so your art will last. You can also add meaningful flowers, symbols or decorations to enhance the calligraphy. The options for calligraphy art works are endless- all you need are your words!


Please contact me to discuss your options to create your keepsake stationery.