Choosing Wedding Invitations: Colours & Design

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When choosing wedding invitations, the colour palette and design elements are the perfect place to start when planning the appearance and feel of your wedding. It also establishes an overall, cohesive look.  Including these colours in your wedding invitations will give your guests a taste of the kind of event they’ll be attending. The paper, ink colours and the design elements you choose for your invitations set the mood for your wedding. They also reflect who you are as a couple. Think of it as the first impression you are incorporating into your paper goods.


When choosing colours remember that they carry meaning and mood. Black is considered formal and sophisticated and works well with a pop of colour. White is pure and creates space especially paired with calming neutral tones. Reds express emotions of warmth and love and blues are calm and serene. Greens represent harmony and nature and pinks are the ultimate in love and romance.  Ivory or white cardstock paired with a black or gold font is an elegant choice for wedding invitations. After that you can add colourful fonts, paper stock, envelopes and liners to create unique, character filled stationery. For a cohesive look, incorporate your hues from your wedding invitation throughout the rest of your wedding stationery such as place cards, menus and wedding signage.


Incorporating design elements such as illustrations of your venue, a monogram or other meaningful elements bring life to your stationery and are the best way to make your stationery unique.  You can choose your favourite flowers, a hobby you share, the mountains or the sea, as inspiration for illustrations and colours. Choose a style to tie in to your wedding theme. You don’t need to feel pressured to stick to the rules and be conventional. Every couple has their own unique story. Do you love romantic vintage flowers or pared back modern minimalism? Timeless elegance or geometric shapes?  And why not mix and match to show character and personality? 

Remember your stationery is about what represents you the best as a couple. So when choosing wedding invitations colours and design, choose the most meaningful for you.

Check out some Wedding Invitation examples here and here. And if you already have some ideas, contact me and we can chat about making your vision come to life!

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