Calligraphy Envelope Addressing


With calligraphy envelope addressing, you just know there’s going to be something memorable inside the envelope.


Calligraphy Envelope Addressing

In a digital world, hand addressing your envelopes is a very personal touch. Beautifully hand-addressed envelopes in elegant calligraphy makes a memorable first impression on your wedding guests with every letter and flourish  thoughtfully handwritten.  Envelopes are addressed in black, gold ink. Please contact me if you would like a different colour ink. Choose from a variety of fonts to complement the style and theme of your event. If you are hand delivering some of your guests’ invitations you can choose to just put the names on the envelopes. For example: Mr and Mrs Hagen, John and Emma Hagen, or The Hagen family. For the perfect finishing detail add wax seals here. I can also line envelopes with gorgeous envelope liners as well here.

Following your purchase, we will be in touch within 1-2 business days to request your guest list for the envelopes and arrange for your envelopes to be delivered or sent to me. Please let me know if you would like me to provide the envelopes as well.  Allow 3-4 days pus shipping to complete the addressing.

*Our calligraphy is handwritten which is what gives our lettering a personal touch. Please note that there will be slight variances in the letterforms, script and placement. The nature of hand addressed envelopes will vary from that of printed addresses. Each address will vary depending on the letters, length of names, street names, city and country length and visually appear different from one another when compared. Addresses will 4-5 lines of text will look different from those with fewer. Please have this expectation set when ordering hand calligraphy. Each envelope is a single work of art, and must be appreciated as such.



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