Wedding Invitation Wording: An Inspirational Guide

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I am often asked how to choose wedding invitation wording so here is an inspirational guide. I always say apart from conveying the basic information of when, where and what you’re doing, you and your partner need to be happy with the style and tone of your wording. The etiquette of wedding invitation wording is usually decided by how formal or casual your wedding is going to be and also who is hosting the wedding.

Don’t choose overly formal phrases if you’re having a warm, rustic wedding. And don’t be too casual for an invitation to an elegant, urban wedding.  Choose words that follow the rules yet still express your values and artistic taste. Or break the rules completely and have fun with your wording! Your wedding invitation wording will create a great first impression and give your guests a glimpse into your wedding day. 

Usually the bride’s name comes first before the groom’s. In a same sex wedding you can order your names on what sounds the best or even alphabetically! The RSVP and extra information is not usually put on the main invitation as it can look a little too busy. But nowadays, many couples are including a wedding website which contains all the extra details your guests may need.

Calligraphy Vintage Invitation

HERE ARE SOME WORDING VARIATIONS (see below for some more examples of layout and wording)

💛 We’re getting married!

💛 With great joy you are invited to celebrate the marriage of…

💛 Emma and John invite you to join them in the celebration of their wedding

💛 We invite you to share in their joy

💛 Alex and Jess invite you to celebrate with them

💛 Taylor and Charlotte joyfully invite you to celebrate their wedding 

💛 You are warmly invited to the wedding of…

💛 You are invited with friends and family to celebrate the marriage of …

💛 Mr and Mrs Hagen request the honour of your presence at the wedding of their daughter Anna-Louise Morgan

💛 Mr and Mrs Pearce request the pleasure of 

Wedding Invitation Wording
Example wedding invitation wording of couple hosting

Try the examples below to suit your wedding style. If you’d like to keep a copy of the samples for yourself please download our free PDF here.

Wedding Invitation wording: An inspirational guide

Wedding Invitation wording if everyone is hosting
Wedding Invitation wording with one set of parents is hosting
Wedding Invitation wording if couple is hosting their own wedding
Traditional Wedding Invitation wording

Please have a look at our semi-custom and custom wedding invitation suites and get in touch if you have absolutely any questions about your wedding invitations and the wording. I’m here to help!